Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Sending You Letter...

Hi there! Two very odd things happened to me this morning:
1. I saw a purple thong laying in the snow, immediately thinking, wow. That woman must be really cold.
2. On my way to the post office, my boot came untied. A man offered to tie it for me, the offer suggested in a very lascivious, if not altogether sleazy voice. Due to my deeply ingrained manners, I said, "No thank you!" Now this is definitely odd, but made odder by the fact that it happens to me often. You are surely thinking, damn! This girl needs to learn how to tie her shoes! True. I am regretfully impatient and often tie my shoes in a slapdash manner. But. I can retie them without aid and so it makes me wonder: is there a fetish group for this business? Am I on page 1--"This girl loves to tease!" I am frankly too afraid to research this on the interwebs; lord knows who'll show up at my innocent blog due that single mention. However, please enlighten me in the comments if you've got any ideas.

On to the jewelry, which I have sorely missed posting about. Today's theme is the post office, which I have been to frequently, now being jobless (or: stay at home kitty mama) and not having a receptionist to hand my mail to. I should hire a receptionist for our apartment. Without further ado!

The Love Inside No.1 Ring by Colleen Baran, $75: a silver tube ring where a little love note can be inserted. Save the money you'd spend on stamps when sending out your love letters. 

Love Letter Bracelet by Only Lauren, $160: inscribed with a love letter from Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barret Browning.

Stay warm!


Patty said...

It's great to hear from you again.

Sal said...

Wow, that is truly odd that folks are always offering to tie your shoes ... I can assemble no reasonable explanation.

Thinking of you as you job-hunt, lady.

WendyB said...

Those two experiences are highlarious!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad your back.

Sharon said...

Ugh. You're. YOU'RE BACK. Horrible spelling error. Cringe-worthy.

But yay to you being back!

ambika said...

That little tube is ingenious. What a great way to pass notes, too...

The Seeker said...

Welcome back and such a nice stuff.


The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)

lol this post made me laugh, especially when you wrote: "is there a fetish group for this business?"

I love the envelope ring :)


pistols at dawn said...

The little mailbox looks to me like it should be a Monopoly piece. That's all I'd make, were I a fashion designer: buy Monopoly games, take the tokens, throw 'em on a necklace, and done.

This is why I'm not a fashion designer.

Also, people who are interested in the feet of others, shod or unshod, freak me out, so I can't answer that part of your question.

eep! said...

i love that mailbox one. i'm glad you didn't post the envelope charms with the love letters inside -- i'm sick of seeing them.

men like to comment about my legs when i wear colored/printed tights. i once had a man follow me down subway steps as he muttered about things he wanted to do to my legs in mustard tights. men + interest in regions below the waist = mystery of life.

Alya said...

Hey! How come I never get an offer like that?? I want someone to tie my shoes for me! If it makes them happy, then by gosh let em do it! I'm too lazy! LOL.

Ruth said...

Interesting story about the shoe lace tying! Thanks for showing my mailbox necklace.

Natty said...

Girl there are jsut a lot of creepy people out there. but seriously you dont need any help tying your shoes, so either:

1. These man are umemployed and are looking for any type of gig, like helping you tie your shoes;

2. They have smoked too much pot and just have to say whatever

3. They just want to start a conversation in order to break the ice and invite you for coffee.

4. This is the newest lamest pickup line used by "the bachelor"


5. These guys are secretly taping women's reactions to that remark for a college film project.

just in case..... make sure your shoes are tied.... u never know what kind of crazy people are out there.